Forgotten Realms

The Barrow of the Ogre King

  • Ilikan leaps down the well, skewers the dead goblin with his falchion, and hurls it out of the well.
  • The players loot the goblin corpses and, as Captain Harrowleaf directs the town guard during the cleanup, the players discover the note from the high shaman Sancossug.
  • The note reads:


I learned through divinations that the totem is in a shop called Garwan’s Curiosities in Loudwater. Go and retrieve it. Use the old barrel of alchemist’s fire. You know how important this is. Without the totem, it will be harder to perform the magic. We must get the object
back if we are to revive the Ogre King!

Do not fail. I will continue forward with the magic even if every one of you must be sacrificed. We must get back the totem!

High Shaman Sancossug


  • Sunsteen Urbeth expresses his gratitude for saving his life.
  • Garwan introduces himself.
  • Curavar the Brazen translates the goblin note.
  • Garwan turns over the horn totem after discovering its import.
  • The party marches off to the barrow of the Ogre King in search of the skull totem.
  • Ilikan falls through the trap in the courtyard and into the slaughter pit while Hollygwen Killdeer summersaults to safety.
  • A furious battle ensues.
  • Hollygwen Killdeer succumbs to the goblin hexer’s magic.
  • Nolan revives Hollygwen Killdeer.
  • Bruised and battered, Ilikan unleashes his heritage’s fury!
  • The goblins are decimated and the hexer is torn limb from limb in the pit by the starved dogs.
  • Ilikan tames the now sated feral dogs.


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